Tropical Finance

Tropical Finance

Delight in the Tropical Vibe, enjoy your journey with Tropical Finance
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Tropical Finance is a state of the art yield farming application and Dex on SmartBCH Chain with unique features which offers its investors brand new ways to maximize APRs.

A Platform where users can finally stay safe

Tropical Finance focuses on two important factors: steady fairness and transparency. Basing on these foundations, Tropical Finance aims to provide high APRs with the least risks and strives to become one of the most stable and reliable platforms in SmartBCH Network by offering multiple features and ways that support yield increasing and solve liquidity problems. DAIQUIRI (Tropical Finance Token) is deflationary token which will feature many token usecases, added constantly after Launch (check the Roadmap for further informations). Deposit Fees for non-native Pools and Farms will be also used to buyback and burn DAIQUIRI, helping the price to stabilise and preventing inflation. DAIQUIRI Single Pools and Farms have no Deposit Fees (0%).

Main Token Informations

Token Name

Tropical Finance Token

Token Symbol


Token Supply(Maximum)


Emission Rate

Initial 15 DAIQUIRI/Block, dynamically decreased during time
Full token informations can be found at DAIQUIRI Token section, we suggest to read our contracts Source Codes to discover and verify all functions and features

Smart Contracts

Tropical Finance Frontend

Tropical Finance (Application), available after presale
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