Tropical Finance

Tropical Sale

Tropical Finance Presale, DAIQUIRI Token ICO
Tropical Sale allows user to start delighting in the Tropical Vibe by buying DAIQUIRI before App launch. The raised amount from presale will be used to help the ecosystem and its distribution is shared with public (see funds usage). Sale will be available at:
Presale is open to the public meaning anyone can buy DAIQUIRI. The amount of DAIQUIRI sold in Presale will be distributed(emitted) in the platform between 7* days at initial emission rate. DAIQUIRI price in USD during Presale is 0.12$~

So long as DAIQUIRI is a deflationary token and Tropical Finance cares about fairness:

  • Liquidity(60% of Raised Amount) is added immediately after the end of presale, listing price will be 0.2$~
  • There are no other distributed DAIQUIRI except for Sale available ones, the only circulating tokens are on it
  • Tokens/Presale amount is capped, there's a maximum amount that can be raised from Presale
  • Antiwhale and Antibot system do not affect Presale, in order to guarantee fluidity between transactions and avoid issues
  • There is a maximum and minimum amount of DAIQUIRI that can be bought from single users
  • There is a Transfer Tax(% tba, probably around 4-6%) applied to any transfer of DAIQUIRI while the available tokens at Presale are less than tokens emitted in the platform to: - Prevent selling pressure - Incentivize staking for Presale buyers - Reduce the circulating supply for early stages The transfer tax will be instantly burnt(sent to 0 address), team won't earn any token from this!