Tropical Finance


Why Tropical Finance makes the difference

Token Usecases

DAIQUIRI token will have many usecases to come (such as NFTs, Bridge and Launchpad see Roadmap) and more which will be announced during time

Smart AntiBot System

Tired of bots? Tropical Finance AntiBot is the answer! The smart AntiBot system is included in token contract and blocks: addLiquidity, removeLiquidity, buying, selling, withdrawals and transfers that are repeated during a certain timeframe from the same user(sender) to a destination(receiver), measured in blocks. The system purpose is to block the bots that aim to sell, buy or making other repetitive transactions, drastically reducing their possibilities to abuse of system features. Current waiting time in blocks is 2 (10 seconds avg.), maximum bound of waiting time in blocks is 50 blocks (5 minutes avg.)

Dynamic AntiWhale System

Tropical Finance's AntiWhale is a dynamic system that sets a maximum amount that can be transferred per transaction. Transfers of massive amounts in the same transaction will fail, avoiding flash price fluctuations. Maximum amount in token that can be transferred in the same transaction is measured by AntiWhale rate(% of circulating supply) by basing on circulating supply. The current rate is 2.5% and cannot ever be lower than 0.25%


Tropical Finance is entirely community-driven, developers and team members are there to provide support to the community and making actions (such as airdrops, burns and buybacks) to help the ecosystem

Deflationary Model

DAIQUIRI is a deflationary token. This concept will be maintained by many mechanics, including: dynamic token emission rates, antiwhale system, periodical token burns and buybacks

Dynamic Emission Rates

Emission rates will be reduced during time, making the circulating supply increase slower during time and APRs less volatile by following the price

Developers' Tokens Fair Usage

Developers' tokens earned from Deposit fees will be also used to buyback and burn DAIQUIRI

Fresh new Events and Features released constantly

Tropical team will never let its users being tired. Investors' journey in Tropical Finance will be rich of fresh Events and Features released during time: including AMAs, Airdrops, NFT Giveaways
*This page will be updated constantly with new features once released