Tropical Finance

Deposit Fees

Deposit Fees only apply to non-native tokens

Deposit Fees informations

Current and Maximum Deposit Fees for non-native assets: 4%, can never be higher than this value Deposit fees only apply to non-native tokens (Farms and Pools), DAIQUIRI Farms and Pools are not subject to fees.

Deposit Fees distribution

  • To Developers (of which many are used for token buybacks and burns): 60%
  • Reserved for Marketing and Listings: 20%
  • Reserved for future Features (Bridge, Launchpad, NFTs...): 20%

Why Deposit Fees?

The goal on providing liquidity for non natives is of course a low-risk investment, and this at the same time contributes to the ecosystem itself, but many of them may dump the token by farming this LP, then leave the platform.
With our deposit fee strategy we instead reduce this, saying to users "You are in Tropical Finance, and you pay this to contribute to the ecosystem and DAIQUIRI token; That 4% usage is declared in docs, and you can keep enjoying your journey because that 4% will be instantly re-gained by you by staking in short".
Our main concept is always the transparency and fairness.
Other way to contribute like we do with deposit fees would have been minting tokens in advance, but we don't mint ANY.
Team isn't getting ANY daiquiri before and after the presale.
We can't dump the token, we can just buy it and burn.
We can't sell, move, do nothing, we are same as users like others in our ecosystem, because Tropical Finance is Community Driven.
And in addition of this, to prove our fairness, we buy back DAIQUIRI and then burn with funds that come from deposit fees and presale distribution(39.5%).

Can Deposit Fees be decreased?

Yes, they can be decreased during time, but they can't be increased above 4%.