Tropical Finance

Smart Contracts Timelocks

Timelocks makes the contract to not be editable for a certain time
Tropical Finance takes care about security and fairness. Developers will do periodical TimeLocks on contracts as following:
  • DAIQUIRI: Functions are being timelocked starting from Presale.
    This will prevent token minting, exclusion of addresses from antiWhale. Note: mint function will and can only be used by Masterchef contract and at the beginning by Contract Creator to fill up Presale contract, developers will never mint any token(and won't be able to after ownership transferred to Masterchef). Exclusion functions will be used in future for Tropical Features. Transfers are always available.
  • Masterchef(Travel Bureau): Timelocked functions after new pools and farms will be added/edited for 6 hours+. This will prevent edit or addition of pools/farms. Withdrawals, deposits and reward functions are always available.